Street Roamer

All the above images are images taken by Altamira that I really like. The first two images of couples; I was particularly drawn to the mens style. The colours on the man with the green blazer are brilliantly put together including the scarf, and I really want to know why the guy in the black beret has chosen to go for brown moccasins rather than black boots, it's interesting! I had to add Patrick Wolf (third image) into this collage,  his fashion sense and music is amazingly individualistic that you either hate it or love it. I really like how the woman next to him has worn a biker jacket over a parka coat and her whole look rocks!

I love the images of the men in pairs, they contrast each other, yet they are more similar in so little words; individualistic, character and passion. Check out the bag the guy in the image with the telephone boxes is carrying, it looks heavy yet I'm sure it's a clever illusion. The contrast of NY men and London men.

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