Bottega Veneta

I'm pretty sure this is spring/summer '09 but the source says '10...anyway this is the line of Bottega Veneta which has, I think, every element you would look for in a mens clothing line for the summer. The solitary, non-embrassive (not a word!) of summer man, you have the dark sombre look (image 1 and 2). For the smart casual important look (image 5 and 6), which is achieved through messy hair, no socks, open shirt, a loosely buttoned blazer and a loosely fitted tailored suit that finsihes the look with a breathable element. Then you have the 'out-of-office' look, which involves the use of; creased garments, the half tucked in shirt, tailored colourful pullover/jacket, comfortable looking summer trousers, a ridiculously oversized man bag that just happens to perfectly slide into the colour palette puzzle that is mens wear, and your off for the perfect day at the gentleman's club. Genius!

Source: fashionising

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