Intense Relaxtion

Did anyone else get inspired by the above image of Alexa Chung for Harpers Bazaar. The model does look better than Chung but I like how it looks more 'do able' on Chung as she seems to be fidgeting with the garments, making it seem natural.

Source: rackandruin, tfs


elisabeth said...

i love how it looks like its just been thrown on!and buy the way, your blog is fantastic :D im finiding myself working my way back through all the posts!

elisabeth said...

p.s. your playing one of my favourite songs ever on this blog, i cant stop smiling!:D

elisabeth said...

haha ok another comment, but can i add you to my links list?

geisharock said...

I never bought this magazine & hence have never seen the ed in real... mainly because I'm tired of alexa and her really bad presenting skills. however, looking at it with fresh eyes, its a great picture. love the blog :) xoxo

Gisela said...

Those diesel ankle boots in the first shot are wicked! I want them!
Great post!