I was bidding for the above vintage shoes on ebay, because I'm not kidding I am seriously on the hunt for the perfect pair of black platforms, and when I saw these I thought, holy crap, the perfect pair of platforms have just landed in my hands at a minuscule price. Anyway I placed a bid really, really early to match the asking price of £4.99, but then I was out bid later on during the day and thought, oh I have small competition. In short, I completely forgot about it and went back to my laptop to find it had gone up to £30! Can I just remind you that these were vintage, well technically old shoes because they only dated back to the 80s but I was gobsmacked, but I placed another bid up to £35 and realised I should give up on these because someone else obviously wants them more, and to be honest I'd rather have brand new shows, but I kept a close eye on the bidding and a second before it ended it reached in total to £54.50! I'm gutted their not coming home to me. The seller wrote information 'so Agyness Alexa but I told them they had to bid like everyone else!!' What does that mean?? Was I outbid by Alexa and her conniving  good luck. Damn you bidder 7!!

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elisabeth said...

those are beautiful!such a pity you missed out on them :( i too am looking for a pair like that but by gosh they're asking a lot for pairs like that on ebay!not fair