Yum, yum!

             ickle, do you know who's making this mess? Is something wrong? Why do you look so troubled?

                 Oh dear, ickle has two new baby teeth growing in! When your first teeth come in, 
                 it's always very itchy and sore. To soothe the pain, ickle has been nibbling on 
                 things all over the house.

                                                                            The bedroom door.

                                                                            The bathroom door.

How adorably cute?!! I couldn't stop smiling when I first saw these images on Sofie's tumblr. I thought it was
some sort of dentist advert about teething children, but what makes it better is that it's not, and it's actually the 
crafty hand work of a dedicated blogger who makes pictorial stories on the above characters. You have to check
it out.

Source: My Milk Toof

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elisabeth said...

haha love it :D its sooo cute!and so very clever whoever made this.

oh i've tagged you :)