Michael Jackson

I never managed to do a music review of one of my all time icons, but I think it would have sounded something like this:

Who was this iconic figure that many felt closely related to? To this day, I don't think anybody will ever truly understand what this overly humble human being sacrificed when opening the doors of his talent to the general public. He once said he felt more comfortable on stage than giving an interview; the stage was a place in which you could see him come to life; every suppressed emotion in his daily life was relinquished through dancing and screaming his lungs out and we all loved it; it was raw, surreal, passionate and above all, real. In my opinion, I think his military exterior was an image he used to portray power, confidence and heroism; characteristics he so longed for in his personal life. I would assume when it came close to the end of a long music video, everyone apart from Michael was excited to leave the set. Reminding us how human he was, Michael clearly began to become corrupted by the fame, such as the fact he appeared to be on the verge of proclaiming, just like the Beatles, he was bigger than Jesus. Just before his crown began to slip, he began creating statues of himself and appeared to be relishing in the images of screaming fans shouting his name whilst clearly on the verge of melt down, for example watch this. I wouldn't categorise myself as one of these fans, but I definitely understand them. When I watch his videos I get lost in his fantasy world of gang fighting dancers, a world drunk on equality and the magic that was his madness. Long live the music and the spirit of the King of Pop!

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Well said.