Guess Who? [1]

Emma Watson for the new Burberry '09 campaign. After seeing her so many times hovering the background of fashion shows amongst the elite and established, I thought it was only a matter of time before she would be trying to make it to the surface of this cut throat industry. The above images are the ones I really like. In the first image she looks like a business woman captured in the moment, until you look at the two other models who appear to be overly handsome city guys standing, clearly posing rather than captured in the moment.

I had to make a new paragraph for this. I am in love with the coat in the second image, I can't take my eyes off the fabric, the fitting and the whole look, both Watson and the male model look amazing. OMG check out the bags, someone get me to the nearest Burberry store, so I can drool! Ok, back to reality, doesn't Watson remind you of Jane Birkin in the third image? Or actually Alexa Chung? I think it's the hair. For more images click here.

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macyaverage said...

tbh, I really didn't think Emma Watson pulled these images off. She looks a bit awkward.