Young hearts spark fire

Today I went around a few shops in search for a going out outfit. My course has organised an informal (through facebook) end of term party which is going to start at a Hotel then end at a nightclub; I found nothing I liked so I'm sticking with my plan B outfit which isn't new or special.

However I went to H&M and bought the above items.

I had seen the above black blazer before and I had thought it looked different in a nice way but I didn't try it on, when I went today I tried it on and it looked really good considering the way it's cut and the length, and it also looks good with a scarf -my sacrilegious item at the moment.

I'm in awe with the above street style look, I can imagine her being a statue. I like how the grey and black seem to melt together to create a sleek, chic dark look.

The bottom two images are of the same blouse and I couldn't decide which image was best because the left image depicts the softness of the blouse and the right image depicts the silk like nature of the blouse. The only problem is that the blouse is two sizes too big, I thought it looked plausible when I tried it on in the shop but when I got home it appeared more obvious -I'm going to have to return. There were only two of it's kind.

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DREAMY said...

i *think* the streetstyled beauty in question is almah from ... a blog definately worth checking out.
and your h&m purchases are perfect!