He's a half man half horse

The amazing art work of Michael Zavros which is new to me but not the art world. The first image entitled Gucci Black is an oil on board he created in 2007, the second image is entitled Yves Saint Laurent Le Smoking/Bay and is an oil on canvas and the third image is entitled Burberry Prorsum/Bay and is an oil on canvas -the last two images were created in 2006.

Zavros appears to be an artist enchanted by horses, as the above images are not the only creations his done concerning horses, but I can understand his fascination with the animals; they are large, muscular creatures that also appear majestic and gentle.

I think the first time I ever learnt about these Greek mythological creatures was when I was used to watch Hercules many years ago. I thought centaurs were so cool but I still feared them; I loved how gigantic they looked in comparison to humans.

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volume_3 said...

These are incredible!
And may have inspired me to a new photography project.
The gig in London was stunning, and i got me some noice finds from Uniqlo and H&M for summer times! and a straw trilby! Oo-er