I can't find any fault in Natalie Vodianova, pictured above for i-D's spring 2010 issue, the above quote also features in the editorial which I really like.

I'm back home for the easter holidays, so no more university for the next two weeks, though I've got lots of work to do which I've proudly been trying to complete today in preparation for movie night, in which depending on my mood I'll watch a few dvds I've been craving to re-watch.

Thank-you to all my old and new blog followers, I hope my blog has been and will continue to be engaging; I have definitely enjoyed flooding these pages with lovely images and thoughts.


elisabeth said...

she really is the most beautiful model i think, one of those people that will age beautifully as well. love her hair in this shot and glad you've got a few weeks off to chillax :)

shall remain thee biggest fan of your blog always

Charmer said...
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Charmer said...

If i was a man i would definitely ask her to be my wife.