Lounging around on a Sunday

I've kind of got out of doing my work, and my current excuse for procrastinating is the fact I'm ahead of everyone else with my work plus I work really hard during the weekdays to excuse all the habitual lounging around I do on the weekend. : )

The first image is a beautiful image of Miranda Kerr taken by Chris Colls for Style Me Romy, but the heart of this post is on Céline's summer 2010 shoes that have me craving summer shoes. The first shoe looks like a modern twist on now vintage 70s shoes -I would love to see how they look worn but I don't doubt they'd look anything less than amazing. You can view the rest of Céline's summer 2010 shoes and bags here; I'm also liking Céline's summer 2010 clothing collection.

My annual summer album: Kings of Convience - Quiet Is The New Loud

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Rose said...

love that picture of miranda kerr!
thankyou for your lovely lovely words on my blog :) yours is great too! im following :) xx