Margaret Howell s/s 10

The best post to start off the month of March.

Margaret Howell is also doing the socks with heels trend and the belt over garments. I like how she has decided to use a belt on not so loose garments, which in my head would have equated to a fashion faux pas, but she surprisingly has won my vote with the look. I think long skirts are going to be a style trend for s/s, if I were to wear one I would definitely wear it the way Alexa Chung and Margaret Howell have had their models wear them; with a fitted blouse and a belt to smarten the look. The men's wear is far less inspiring than women's wear.

I have a tag dedicated to Margaret Howell, entitled Howell; I love the simplicity, the mixture of formality and casualness in her looks. I am absolutely in awe of her a/w 10 collection which Pascal Grob has posted a few images of on his blog.

I'm slowly coming out of my winter cocoon, and I can't wait until I can finally put away my thick winter coat.

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