blue skies and cold nights

The sun is out but there is hardly enough warmth to dress for s/s that's why a/w looks still appeal to me.

White fur and a black clutch bag is a beautiful contrast. Is it me or is the bag in the top right image really big? I do like her look though.

The image in the bottom, left image is taken from Dries Van Noten's mens collection which is not as creatively inspiring as the women's but still amazing. I fell in love with the image of the guy on the right, he reminded me of a character from Mona Lisa Smile and I really liked his vintage, refined look.


Clara said...

i've been looking for a 'good coat' like the last two for ages. Missed a gap one of ebay...gutted.

Ana said...

i actually know the guy on the left! i went to school and college with him, his name is Ross and he's a darling. i've seen his image crop up on a couple of fashion blogs because of his coat. it's so weird to see someone you know on these pages!