I've realised I need you.

source: Jak & Jil, lovely little place, ilvoelv and unknown.

"She takes just like a woman, yes she does. She makes love just like a woman, yes she does." - Bob Dylan

If beauty could take the form of a clutch bag in it's most simplistic, elegant form it would be a Sofia Coppola bag -as you can tell I'm just a tad bit obsessed with one particular version.

By the way, remember that blazer I posted that I recently bought, well it looks exactly like the one the woman with the sunglasses is wearing except mine is fitted. I really wish it was any other colour than black; to be honest there was a grey version but it wasn't nice. I think I might just buy a big safety pin to put into the blazer just to make it look different, or wear bold colours with it; but I do love the blazer.

I have a slight cold but Bob Dylan - Just Like A Woman is getting me by and the odd Patti Smith song.

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Rose said...

such a gorgeous bag! love sofia coppolas films.. such art :)