E Pluribus Unum

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Blog title: E Pluribus Unum is latin for, one from many. I want to learn as many latin phrases as is possible over the holiday; I know it's sad but I've always been intrigued by Latin, even more so now that it's appearing in most my law books, and the lectures speak it so perfectly that I'm left in awe.

I saw these images in The Guardian and instantly thought of Alexa Chung, I wonder why? They literally replicated Alexa Chung's look and I have to say almost to perfection. I like the balance of casualness and how revealing the look is; simply by wearing a figure hugging dress and a big knitted jumper that reveals the collar bones. Haven't you heard, collar bones are the new it thing for both men and women this season? Haha. I'll never endorse being thin, you should be happy with who you are and stand strong to your principles! On another note, The Guardian have also used neutral colours in the looks, which is something Alexa also seems to favour.  The second image next to Alexa Chung is Marianne Faithful, I like that image of her.

Alexa Chung has resigned from working at MTV due to her "grueling schedule," anyone else bothered? Neither am I, though I do want her bag.

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discothequechic said...

This shoot from the Guardian has Alexa written all over it but it was styled by Steph Stevens, her stylist so that's probably why! She's the woman who put her in Russell and Bromley loafers so really it's Steph's style that has evolved to be known as the Alexa look.

Ah, and that image of Marianne Faithful makes me so tempted to chop a fringe in..