Keep Music Alive

Pictured: Bob Dylan (unknown source)

I've currently been gripped by the Rage Against the Machine phenomenon, which started by a facebook group who wanted to add competition to the Christmas number 1 position in the UK by getting people to buy the song Killing In The Name by Rage Against the Machine. The Christmas number 1 spot has currently been held by X Factor for the past four years, and I for one would like to see an end to this tradition, and if not an end at least to show Simon Cowell that the Christmas number 1 spot is not reserved for the X Factor alone. The facebook group currently has over 800,000 followers and has raised over £40,000 for Shelter; if you live within the UK I urge you to donate money to Shelter and purchase the song, 29p on Amazon

Rage Against the Machine have also promised all proceeds will go towards Shelter. This will make history if The 1992 single becomes number 1, I'm excited for once about the charts. :)

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