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I was completely shocked when I found out that Albert Hammond Jr. had a suit line out and I had not heard about. Fortunately for me, it has only been out since October 2009 so the lookbook images are online and so are the suits, as pictured above. The suits are beautifully tailored for a reasonably slim male figure. I'm currently mesmerised by the small detail to the suits; such as the waist band on the blazer, the ankle cut trousers and how the trousers sit on the waist perfectly; I also really like the female touch to the waistcoats. I've  posted a few snippets of an interview with Hammond Jr. about the line that I thought you may be interested to know, I know I was. You can also read the full interview, here.

Why did you decide to do the collection?
Two reasons really—one, I wanted some suits for myself, and two, every time there’s something written about me it always says something about a suit, and people always ask me “Where do you get your suits?” It was getting ridiculous.

What did you have in mind before you started designing?
First off I wanted to make a classic suit that you can wear anywhere—that you can wear out on a Sunday with the vest and everything. And then I wanted a casual one that you can wear with a T-shirt.

Have you ever had a stylist?
No, no I’ve never had a stylist. Actually, there was one stylist who came up to me and said “Don’t ever let a stylist dress you,” and I was like, okay, deal.

Do you follow fashion in the traditional sense? 
Not at all. I know absolutely nothing, that’s the funny thing.

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