Yesterday's Footprints

Elizabeth from thrills and frills tagged me ages ago to do a post about what was in my bag. I have; books, paper and pens in my bag most the time so I decided to do something different, hence this post; I hope you like it.

Yesterday I went around my home town for the first time in months, because of being away at university. The city centre was heaving with people which I hate because I like to walk fast and hate queuing but I really wanted to see what the city centre had to offer. Ever since creating this blog, I've become more and more disheartened when I walk around town looking for something I've seen online and it annoys me, because I end up complaining about how my wardrobe is thinning yet I can't find anything appealing to fill it.

I managed to purchase three items which I really like, that is an achievement! I bought the above clutch bag from H&M, it is grey/lilac colour and looks and almost feels like that expensive butter soft leather you can buy in designer stores. The second item I purchased is the above burgundy silk like cardigan, also from H&M, that looks amazing when worn rather than on a hanger, and my sister who doesn't like cardigans liked it. The third item is a black skirt for formal occasions that wasn't worthy of posting but I love it, because I've been looking for a skirt like it for months and months, I also found that in H&M!

On another note, the jeans with the studs on the back pockets are a DIY piece done by me at least a year ago; I recently cut the Topshop jeans into shorts. The two stripe tops ontop of the jeans are from Gap, I've recently seen a burgundy/white stripe top in the store that I'm craving for. The last garment is a vintage mens shirt that actually belongs to my sister but I'm currently wearing it with leggings. The tote bag, in the second to last image, was written on by me with my favourite quote from Hunter S. Thompson in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Finally, I hope you all have a great white Christmas!!

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