Borrowed Time

I haven't been much of an active blogger lately, and it's partly because I've been under-weighed with uni work, and any free time is spent with my equally under-weighed friends. It's reached the point where I'm finishing one assignment, then having to start thinking and researching about the next assignment! 

Due to the miserable weather lately, I've been feeling in the mood for wearing more bright colours, particularly as my wardrobe is quite dull, which I do seem to always complain about. I love the use of colour in the above outfits and I particularly like the guy's bright perfect hair. I used to be a huge fan of vintage; which I have slipped out of wearing because of how impractical it is in so many ways, but I do still love looking at the way fashion, appearance, makeup and the general perception of beauty has evolved and I do longingly admire how wearers created a sense of nobility and respectability with their clothing. The hunt for the perfect bag  has taken a break till I find time to get my head out of books, but I do know what I'm looking for now. Don't you just love that centre bag? To me it speaks volumes about the possible style of the owner.

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