Top row: Styleseeking ZurichCarolines mode and unknown; bottom row: the selby and neon signs of happiness.

I'm surprised not a lot of bloggers have posted or made any comment about the Sonia Rykiel collection for H&M, which is apparently suppose to be in stores as of today. I think this collaboration is a lot better than that of the Matthew Williamson line. When I first saw it, I instantly thought of the glamourous 1950s era where the likes of Marilyn Monroe were icons to many women, and I like how Sonia Rykiel have brought this look back to life but in a modern way; by the visible stitching, the zips and the fabric.

The two pairs of shoes next to the adorable kitten are taken from H&M's 2010 spring line, and considering I'm not an open toe shoe person, I'm surprised I actually like them; though on photo is something else to in reality.


Belarusachka said...

I have already bought Sonia Rykiel for H&M underpants and they are incredible, like in the clip of Christina Aguilera:)))

Ellie P said...

This collection is really great, but the advertising (at least in the UK) only shows maybe one or two looks from the collection. Plus, I think that those looks don't show a good representation of the line. Shame really. I nearly missed out on my bit of 1950's luxury!