Style Prone

Style = casual, comfortable and colourful. My favourite has to be between the second image and the last image of the girl with the curly ginger hair, they both completely own their looks. The girl with the amazing harlequin dress is the same girl as the girl in the third image; which I love because of the combination of colours, her creative pose and her trousers above all.



Belen Vazquez Amaro said...

Great looks and great blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, great blog and great post. Stumbled here by accident, you are now in my bookmarks :)

Is there any way to find the profiles for the two ladies in the woodland shots?

I had a look on lookbook but that site is quite extensive.

Thanks very much

crimzonite said...

Thank-you, Anonymous person!

I'm really not sure, sorry!

In future I'll put a link to the user.