Enchanted Treasures

Items (left to right):
1. Stroller bag was £180 / now £90
2. Silk shannon bag was £135 / now £67.50
3. Creole military boot was £175 / now £87.50
4. Blot scarf was £60 / now £30
5. Circus vest - was £45 / now £31
6. Jezabel skirt - was £95 / now £38

The first two items and the scarf are from the mens sale section. The women's sale is not as good as the mens. I loved the first two bags before they were on sale and I wanted those boots in black, which oddly enough, you can't get the black boots at the sale price. I think the clown t-shirt is off the charts cool, but then again Allsaints are known for their cool macabre t-shirt designs. I've always wanted to own an Allsaints skirt; all the items in Allsaints always seem to be screaming to be layered and If you don't layer them they just never seem to look as good as someone who does. I'm not sure I'm that good at layering. :\

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