A serious music listener?

I really want to get headphones, I didn't know Urban Outfitters sold so many, I have to say the cream ones are my favourite; items from left to right:
1. Multi bongo black headphones £72
2. Web exclusive chocolate brown bongo headphones £72
3. Oboe vibrant yellow headphones £45
4. Panasonic RP-HTX7 pink headphones £50
5. RP HXT7E cream headphones £50
6. Ed banger bongo headphone £72

A few songs I've been currently indulged in; artist(s) to song:
The Dead Weather - Hang You From The Heavens
Dag for Dag - Pirate Sea
Air - Le Voyage De Penelope
Crystal Stilts - Crystal Stilts
Gold Panda - Triangle Cloud
Albert Hammond Jr. - GFC
The Black Angels - Never/Ever
Jose Gonzalez - Crosses


nycrun said...

i need those

Ruhvana and Flanelli said...

Good headphones are truly the key to enjoying music. Your selection here is great.


elisabeth said...

im lusting over the white ones, so so beautiful! just dont know if i could pull off the look though, always seems its the uber-cool folk on the train into london pull them off with such ease, dahm them!