One of my modern day icons, Patti Smith. Today I got the dvd Dream Of Life, I was really curious and excited to watch it. I can now inform you that the film is interesting and for Smith fans it closes some open curious questions about her music at the same time creating others. The film is made in an artistic style and is less narrative and more pictorial/visual, I think I need to watch it again to fully understand the visual concept, but it has inspired me to get back to finishing my Allen Ginsberg book and possibly constructing a film.

Favourite Patti Smith song: Spell (live) and HorsesPiss Factory

All the images except the first one were shot by Frank Stefanko, the first one was shot by Lynn Goldsmith in 1977. The three images in which she is at a table, were taken in 1973; the last image was taken in 1974. All the images were taken in the lovely city that is New York.

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