Informative moment

My fashion taste is broad; I could go from looking almost sombre to vibrant and cheerful depending on how I feel but I always, well nearly always wear or have a vintage/old item. I think there is something unique, beautiful and horrific about the past, that I love.

Music is my first love. It sounds cliche and almost pathetic saying it as much as it is writing it, but it is true. I don't spend a huge amount of time consumed in music but when I am enchanted by it, everybody around me knows it. I enjoy conversations about music! I think it's because every huge moment in my life I can churn back into a song.

From my love of photography and visual imagery, I enjoy watching films; mainly independent films but I always must see films list, and for me the best films are those that move you or inspire you; because they're doing something more than the principle task of entertainment.

I have an interest in photography; the way in which we can view the world from another persons point of view or even from just another angle. My blog has turned out exactly the way I wanted it to; images that inspire me. I'm naturally someone who likes imagery and the connotations visible or invisible to the naked eye, I was going to, but didn't post images of my university bedroom wall; it was completely covered by cut out images from magazines, newspapers etc. It got so full that I moved on to putting images on my wardrobe!

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Ruhvana and Flanelli said...

Thse pics are also great. Expecially the picture with small notes, it's so clever.

Music is great. I found my taste in music only year ago and all the time I'm finding more good stuff. I really need to give you a link to this song, I don't know is it your taste but I've been listening this particular vesion now for hours over and over again and I never do that. So here you are. I hope you enjoy!