Mistress of the night (200th post)


I know, 200! Maybe I should retire? I think I'll do what George Bush did, and wait till I get bored, oh but that means I'll have to leave with a bang...        ....I'll start a blog war!! Mwhaha...   *cough*     ...[random person shouts "SWINE FLU!!"].


Jasper Conran a/w 09, I think his collection isn't very original; the semi naked woman shielded from the perils of reality i.e. perverted men and weather, by a light sheer fabric with lace on to make it more seductive; as if the fact her underwear showing wasn't enough. However, that was the worse garments in the collection, there were some I did like, like the ones above; I think the models really sold it to me. Though I don't see any average sized woman attempting to wear them, including yours truly. I love the eye liner, it maybe a hit trend and the red lipstick actually looks good. I think the title of this blog entry is what I would call his collection; a collection for the young mistresses of rich old man!

Edit: It previously said 300, haha! 

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oriwa said...

wow wow wow. i wannttt all of it!