My baby shot me down

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Still on the topic of I-D magazine from the previous post; I saw this amazing photo shoot by photographer Scott Trindle and I was completely in awe. I particularly have to give the credit to the stylist; I love the fact everything is studded even his shoes, so he looks like someone went mad and began shooting studs at him, what hurts is that I don't know where the pieces are all from, part of me is thinking D&G. You really have to see the above images blown up, it is amazing!

Edit: The summer issue of I-D was predominantly menswear based, makes a change I guess, or am I out of the loop? 

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volume_3 said...

The pieces are from the Prada mens a/w 09 collection :)
I LOVE it too! the idea of just slapping everything in the face with studs is one i agree with wholeheartedly!
I want to do it but i can't find the right kind of studs :/