Sugar and spice and all things nice

I first saw Hannah Karina on Lj were on a image sharing forum entitled 'what I wore today' similar to Lookbook, and that was probably more than a year ago. I instantly loved her 1940s to 60s inspired looks; particularly how devote she was to the era. You could dissect her looks to actually realise that most her clothing pieces were of the 21st century and from a well known retailer, but it was when she put these pieces together that I instantly realised she was actually doing something more with her H&M cardigan, or Topshop earrings; she was taking them back into her wonderland world of the 40's and 60's and inviting onlookers to view her own interpretation of a time machine. From then on, I was quite happy whenever she posted her looks, just to be in awe of her perfect cat flick eyes and lipstick, or simply just how she managed to put contrasting colours, such as yellow and pink, to create an elegant refined look. Recently, I stumbled across her blog, An Aesthetic Fest, and felt an instant wave of relief that she had truly stayed rooted to the style I had grown to like about her.

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