Fashions Evil Queen

My must-see-list of films is ever growing, and it doesn't help that I'm watching films not even on the list such as Wall-E which is heart achingly adorable and funny. However, this entry is dedicated to Ms. Wintour and her documentary feature film entilted 'The September Issue' which Time Magazine cleverly entitled 'The September Issue: Humanizing the Devil'. I have bumped this film up to the top of my must-see-list, but it hasn't even been released in the US (Sept 11th 09) let alone the UK! I have to also thank Mike, blogger of White Blank Page, for telling me about this film; I have to admit Mike is more fashion forward than me hence the knowledge of the above film.

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volume_3 said...

If this is out over here whuile we're both here we should watch it. I'm SO excited about seeing this.
How was greenbelt?