COS a/w 09

Cardigan, £59. Top, £35. Bag, £129. 
Mesh body, £29. Boots, £129. Leather shoes, £129.

I haven't felt like this, since I found out Gap was finally opening an online UK store. I was completely shocked when I found out that Birmingham has a Cos store, I've now gained an immense infatuation with the shop that should officially label me as 'sad'. I love their simplicity and the quality of their garments; when you touch them they can literally make you cry, especially that cable knit cardigan at the top and their shoes! I also have to add that I was pleasantly surprised with their prices, I feel like we're somehow getting a bargain. The online garments for men is not all bad but not as great as women's wear, sorry guys *cough* Mike.

Source: Cos


volume_3 said...

Oo Oo Oo
I've never seen a COS store, it looks NOICE! And i had a look at the mens... and they ARE good ¬¬ The coats are divine, and theres a very Raf Simons/Jil Sander demeanour about them which i'm all the rage about at the moment!
You'll have to show me this store.

Mrs. Mundane said...

I didn't know that COS were open in Birmingham...hurrah!!!