Le voyage de Penelope

Masha Kirsanova is striking in this image; there is something light and angelic about her pose.

I bought an amazing pair of shoe boots from Cos that I have literally fell in love with. I will try and post an image of them; they are super comfortable considering how high they are. I also watched The September Issue, which was really good, it was really weird to watch high end designers crumble in the presence of Ms. Wintour, and to see how dependent so many people are on her views and opinion alone. I have to say, Grace Coddington, was the star of the show, she really added character and substance to the documentary. When you here people talk about Wintour as being an 'ice queen' it truely shows through her cold interactions with the people around here, and her constant need to keep closed off to those around her. If you like documentaries, and your interested about the world of Vogue and what happens behind closed doors in the fashion industry, then enjoy.

Source: photos de mode

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