The first two images are by The Sartorialist and I'm not sure where the third one is from. Patent shoes are a no go area in my opinion for both men and women, and that's why I can't say I'm in love with the third image. However, everything else she is wearing, I want. The second woman shows that you don't have to layer all black garments to look amazing in all black, if I'm honest I think it's her hair that adds to the 'amazingness' of the look! The first woman shows you don't have to be donned in black to look cool in winter, which is something I try to stress when all  my inspiration appears to be black and white; I love her combination of brogues, rolled up trousers and I assume my newly hated blazer, The Jersey Blazer, that looks good on her. I don't know why I didn't write that in order of image.

Self note: 2nd year do not live in jeans!

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