In with the new.

(1) Hobbs coat; (2) DBG men's bag: Unavailable; (3) Asos Premium bag

I should be reading a book about real estate investment portfolios (potential dissertation topic) but I'm taking a break.

I actually started this post having drifted from the 'Business' section of the Guardian website to 'Life & style', and I came across the perfect winter coat from Hobbs (and I thought Hobbs was out-dated), anyway I had already seen and liked the above two bags on Asos because I've been in search of similar bags, and I decided to make a collage of the three items because I liked them that much.

Have a great weekend if this is my last post! :)

Out with the old.

source: Oh Fashion Model and Unknown.

I really like the male style inspired look of the image on the left; it really stands out as masculine even her pose that I am strangely drawn to how oddly amazing the image is.

I have an odd obsession with coats this fall/winter; I'm not sure which Olsen is pictured on the right, but I really like how her coat fits her body frame and doesn't swallow her or make her look out-dated.


Haunting yet amazing -the man on the left is actually homeless.

After a very cold camping experience I'm craving wool scarves, jumpers, gloves even more! I also wouldn't mind a new pair of boots preferably like THIS (in case of snow?). My once amazing Gap boots by Pierre Hardy, which H&M oddly enough are selling replicas of, got ruined when camping. :/

I always forget how amazing hot chocolate tastes when camping; it's worth it's weight in gold!

source: CQC and Image Amplified.

The image on the left is my favourite image from Flippa K.'s a/w lookbook; most of the looks seem to target a 30yr old working mother keen on looking youthfully yet respectably fashionable.

I've created quite a few posts on my fall/winter inspiration; sometimes I do wish the slightest things didn't amaze me or inspire me but other times I like the fact I have so many looks and images to reinvent my style from.


Today was one of those days in which you abandon most plans (last minute camping shopping in my case) because of miserable weather, but the forecast suggests good weather for this bank holiday weekend. I thought I would leave you all with a post of my current high-end and high-street likes.

My autumn favourite colours at the moment are: navy blue, forest green and burgundy (nothing new).

News: Gap officially have their own UK online store -I've only had a quick browse but I prefer going in the store.


This is my last blog post for this week. There is a perfect music video that captures the mood of longing to travel especially if you're tied down by work (it's really good if you watch it all the way through): Angus and Julie Stone - Big Jet Plane.

I'm going camping at the end of this week and I'm excited but also hoping the weather will be nice.


If you live in the UK you may be happy to know that tomorrow (Tuesday 24th) the TV channel More4 will be showing The September Issue at 10pm. I've already seen the documentary and it is really good especially because of Grace Coddington.

Anyone who is an Allen Ginsberg fan will be happy to know that there is a biopic coming out in cinemas soon entitled Howl, based on his younger years, and the actor playing Ginsberg is James Franco -I can't wait to see it.

Carin Wester F/W '10

source: Carin Wester

I had to do a post on this collection because I have fallen in love with Carin Wester's mens collection! The balance of; dark and light colours, femininity and masculinity, style and comfort is perfect. I could also say the same thing for a few pieces in the women's collection such as those posted above -simple, stylish statement pieces. After her uninspiring summer/spring collection, in my opinion, Carin Wester has stepped back up into the inspirational limelight for this fall.

Have a great weekend hopefully the weather is as great as it has been for the past two days.


L: own image; R: Vanessa Jackman

The image on the left is from two separate adverts from an old magazine I glued together ages ago. I recently found the poster a bit crumpled so I blu-tacked it to my kitchen cabinet. I love the whole look on the right from her shoes to her knotted top; the cape style coat is amazing as is her perfect balance of colour.

L: own image; R: Unknown

I really liked French Connection's S/S 10 campaign that I ordered their s/s catalogue and I completely forgot about it until my mum gave it to me recently and told me that it had been in the house for ages; apparently everybody in my house knew and no one told me. Nick Wooster, pictured right, is the epitome of the man about town -a perfect balance of fashion and life experience in his style.

L: own image; R: Vanessa Jackman

Vanessa Jackman has the perfect street style blog for every type of woman; the fashionista, the tomboy, the traveller, the student and I could go on and on.

Did anyone else watch The Hills Finale? I thought the way they ended it was really good, and it was quite noble of them to inform impressionable young viewers that the program was partly fictional; I also liked the rendition of Natasha Bedingfield's song Unwritten which you can listen to here.

We come from a place where we count the days.

I'm liking: Knee length skirts, visible socks and lots of wool.

Good news: the Bullring in Birmingham will have a Forever 21 store and a new cool shop called Pop Store!

I'm on a tight budget this summer because I'm trying to pass my driving test before I go back to uni and trying to reasonably enjoy the holiday, plus my family have kindly drilled it into me that I don't need any new clothes/shoes/bags... :/

I'm currently enjoying reading Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters and Seymour: An Introduction by J.D Salinger and I hopefully want to get round to reading The Catcher in the Rye.

My sister introduced me to a song by FM Belfast which is really good but the video makes it amazing; it features people dancing as though no one is watching:

Margaret Howell a/w 10

I liked the entire collection for women minus one or two looks; the looks in boxes are the ones I liked the most. With the men's collection there isn't any new or amazing looks but I guess that accurately represents how the vast majority of men dress. With the men's looks I see her target market as young up-and-coming business men particularly those who come from a lineage of business men such as Logan (Rory's boyfriend) from the Gilmore Girls.

An elegant solution to a problem.

The image on the left is a pretty cool way of replacing the belt on your trench coat, and the image on the right is of Babe Paley who I consider to be a really glamorous and chic woman.

Paris, Je t'aime.

(1) Kate Winslet via Sofie; (2-3) Thomas Klementsson

Woman: What do you do out of love?

Man: I ache for who we were.

Listening to: Chopin's Nocture No.20 in C sharp minor (it featured in The Pianist).

I'm trying to understand, you see.

L: cafemode; R: jak & jil

When autumn and winter arrive it's always tempting and quite easy for me to fall into the habit of buying and wearing dark colours, even though when I see colour worn in a/w looks they always appear exceptionally amazing than in spring/summer -expect more colour in my a/w inspiration.

L: (1) unknown R: (2) jak & jil (3) stockholm streetstyle

Trench coats were the it item of s/s, so much so that they've been revived in the form of sleeveless trench coats. Anyone who owns a trench coat may be aware of how annoying the sleeves can feel, like excess fabric, anyway that's why I always have the sleeves rolled up on my coat.

The look on the left is from Tommy Hilfiger's fall collection, and the woman pictured walking is wearing a coat featured in Celine's s/s collection, which is actually a sleeveless trench coat dress. I honestly wasn't sure about the sleeveless trench coat look but I have grown to like it.

Only in my dreams does everything seem real.

Only in my dreams does everything make sense.

If only life was a long dream.

Photography by: Jackson Eaton

"I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I'm awake, you know?"

- Ernest Hemingway

>>: Listening to: Sia - Breathe Me :<<

Louis Garrel in Dans Paris

If you haven't seen this film you should watch it; it's loosely based on one of my new favourite books entitled Franny and Zooey by J.D. Salinger, which Garrel (my current favourite indie French actor) is reading in the middle image.

It's not a love story and Louis Garrel isn't even the main character but the film is really good in a funny, witty and captivating way. The book, as is always the case, is amazing and far superior to the film due to J.D. Salinger's beautiful and intellectually inspiring writing style. I've actually fallen in love with J.D. Salinger as an author that I've ordered two more books by him; one being connected to the story of Franny and Zooey -I can't wait for them to arrive.

I think it's all in her eyebrows.

Most bloggers girl crush at the moment is on the above model and you can tell why; she is the epitome of attitude meets cool, meets youthful style.

I like her bra, the style of which is on nearly every bloggers wish list including Rumi Neeley aka Fashiontoast, and that necklace is amazing.

I think she is quite cool and you can see more images of her and her eyebrows here.

She usually makes uncomfortable sense.

I liked all the images for both of these editorials so I've made the links to the source more visible and just posted my favourite images.

I think of: Jean Shrimpton/Audrey Hepburn/Kate Moss

The 60's woman liked her eyebrows thin and shapely, cat flick eyes, kitten heels and big hair to contrast her aspirational Twiggy like frame.

Nothing about her doesn't please me.

I really like all the above looks by Esteban Cortazar Con Exito for their fall lookbook.

You can purchase a slightly similar clutch bag from All Saints; the bag is really heavy because it has a real brass chain strap but it makes the bag amazing and so does it's suede leather texture. It's priced at £90.00 but you can kind of understand why when you see it in all it's glory, the online shop does not do it enough justice (view here).

I love this song at the moment: Drake & Lykke Li - Little Bit (So Far Gone)

I never understood anything about her.

"How could you ever be happy with a man who
insists on treating you as though you're a perfectly normal
human being?" - Oscar Wilde