Haunting yet amazing -the man on the left is actually homeless.

After a very cold camping experience I'm craving wool scarves, jumpers, gloves even more! I also wouldn't mind a new pair of boots preferably like THIS (in case of snow?). My once amazing Gap boots by Pierre Hardy, which H&M oddly enough are selling replicas of, got ruined when camping. :/

I always forget how amazing hot chocolate tastes when camping; it's worth it's weight in gold!

source: CQC and Image Amplified.

The image on the left is my favourite image from Flippa K.'s a/w lookbook; most of the looks seem to target a 30yr old working mother keen on looking youthfully yet respectably fashionable.

I've created quite a few posts on my fall/winter inspiration; sometimes I do wish the slightest things didn't amaze me or inspire me but other times I like the fact I have so many looks and images to reinvent my style from.

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