L: own image; R: Vanessa Jackman

The image on the left is from two separate adverts from an old magazine I glued together ages ago. I recently found the poster a bit crumpled so I blu-tacked it to my kitchen cabinet. I love the whole look on the right from her shoes to her knotted top; the cape style coat is amazing as is her perfect balance of colour.

L: own image; R: Unknown

I really liked French Connection's S/S 10 campaign that I ordered their s/s catalogue and I completely forgot about it until my mum gave it to me recently and told me that it had been in the house for ages; apparently everybody in my house knew and no one told me. Nick Wooster, pictured right, is the epitome of the man about town -a perfect balance of fashion and life experience in his style.

L: own image; R: Vanessa Jackman

Vanessa Jackman has the perfect street style blog for every type of woman; the fashionista, the tomboy, the traveller, the student and I could go on and on.

Did anyone else watch The Hills Finale? I thought the way they ended it was really good, and it was quite noble of them to inform impressionable young viewers that the program was partly fictional; I also liked the rendition of Natasha Bedingfield's song Unwritten which you can listen to here.

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