I'm trying to understand, you see.

L: cafemode; R: jak & jil

When autumn and winter arrive it's always tempting and quite easy for me to fall into the habit of buying and wearing dark colours, even though when I see colour worn in a/w looks they always appear exceptionally amazing than in spring/summer -expect more colour in my a/w inspiration.

L: (1) unknown R: (2) jak & jil (3) stockholm streetstyle

Trench coats were the it item of s/s, so much so that they've been revived in the form of sleeveless trench coats. Anyone who owns a trench coat may be aware of how annoying the sleeves can feel, like excess fabric, anyway that's why I always have the sleeves rolled up on my coat.

The look on the left is from Tommy Hilfiger's fall collection, and the woman pictured walking is wearing a coat featured in Celine's s/s collection, which is actually a sleeveless trench coat dress. I honestly wasn't sure about the sleeveless trench coat look but I have grown to like it.


Allure said...

I love the first picture on the right. She looks so elegant yet so edgy.

ace-von-caroline said...

sleeveless trench coat, what a strange thing ;) but quite nice