Carin Wester F/W '10

source: Carin Wester

I had to do a post on this collection because I have fallen in love with Carin Wester's mens collection! The balance of; dark and light colours, femininity and masculinity, style and comfort is perfect. I could also say the same thing for a few pieces in the women's collection such as those posted above -simple, stylish statement pieces. After her uninspiring summer/spring collection, in my opinion, Carin Wester has stepped back up into the inspirational limelight for this fall.

Have a great weekend hopefully the weather is as great as it has been for the past two days.

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elisabeth said...

it kills me that it is so hard to get my hand on labels like this!almost tempted to get a credit card, book a flight to sweden and max the card out haha!
know what you mean about the men's outfits, love the cut of the trousers