To be or not to be Olivia Palmero?

When small fashion labels start copying the style of a famous person that's when you know the famous persons next step will be to bring out their own label; particularly if their unofficial/unendorsed clothing collection sells well; as was the case for Alexa Chung, now it's the turn of Olivia Palmero. I don't know which came first Olivia Palmero's style on The City or Australian label Secret Squirrel's a/w collection but their collection is very similar to Olivia Palmero's fashion and hair style. By the way, I do like Olivia's style, I think it's very befitting to her character/nature which makes her looks even more admirable, plus there is no great secret to good style it's really just about confidence; the ability to feel comfortable in your own skin.


elisabeth said...

love the skirt and the coat!i actually thought for a second she'd brought a collection out

volume_3 said...

Absolutely love the 4th look here, I may try to emulate it man-style!