I bought the above underwear from Muji recently; Muji has always been one of my favourite shops and I'm surprised I've only just got around to proclaiming it.

I love everything about the above stockholm street style look; if I saw her I'm pretty sure I would be tempted to ask her where she got her cardigan from.

I've officially lost the halloween spirit; I thought last year it was just a phase but I now see no point to it but I plan to spend the evening over indulging in food and watching Hocus Pocus.


elisabeth said...

i did exactly that :) currently watching 'the witches' now and wishing i wasnt too old for trick or treating

Anonymous said...

i believe the cardigan is by MMM. they have a few colors out this season.

Anonymous said...

not sure of the cardi but looks very much like prada to me.