Fashions autumn blues...

Top left: Columbine Smille; right: Scott Schuman. Middle left: columbine smille; right: Bottom left: inside am-lul's closet; right: stockholm streetstyle.

My favourite look by far has to be the top image on the right; I honestly want to know her inspiration behind the amazing colour combinations. Most of the other looks center around how to keep fashionably warm, minus Rumi's 70's Californian boho look.

When it comes to a/w I get really cold and hot easily, for instance, I'll leave my flat in preparation for ice cold conditions and then minutes later I end up burning up, and this fluctuates throughout the day depending on my activity; so I tend to only wear thin jumpers, scarfs and gloves. The thought of dressing like Gala, bottom image on the left, or the runway image from Reed Krakoff's fall collection makes me burn up even though it looks comfortable; I would definately go for either looks by blogger Columbine Smille.

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