Nothing but you.

Top left: luluandyourmom; right: Bottom left: fashion gone rogue; right: garance dore.

My first post in ages and I couldn't help but reinstate my new found autumn love of leather gloves; I'm probably the only blogger weird enough to do so.

The image on the top left is from a 1999 Russian editorial in Vogue which I really liked in it's entirety; you can view it HERE. I also like the editorial underneath that image which featured in Marie Claire Italia Oct 2010; it was slightly too commercial and unsubtle in it's love of Paris but it was still inspirational -view HERE.

Boring personal life: my last year at uni and I'm the only girl in my class, my two close friends got placements and another girl, who kept to herself, changed course. So far, the change hasn't really mentally set in; partly because of all the work I've been offloaded with having missed my first week of uni (long story) plus the fact I get on well with most of the guys.

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