Fairy Dust and Lollipops

Source: idiötéqúe and lookbook

The first, third and fourth images are taken from the amazing photography work from a tumblr entitled idiötéqúe, the creator is quick to state he is not an art student, though it's clearly evident he should be. The second image is of a 15 year old boy, Jesper,  from lookbook who instantly caught my eye with his cool trick-of-the-eye, psychedelic yet simple designed t-shirt; and I love the way his worn it; very new age rock 'n' roll.

My style is some how always torn between vintage/casual and avant garde/formal, and I think it sort of reflects my music taste which varies from nirvana to bombay bicycle club, bombay bicycle club to M.I.A and M.I.A. to Patti Smith. I can only began to imagine what people on my traditional (generic style) course think of my drastic change in style from day-to-day. The only probably with vintage is getting the right size, oh and making sure you look like you know how to wear it /pull it off. Avant garde/formal is my reset mode, for those "I can't be bothered", "time to switch it up a bit" or "I've out worn every vintage item I own" moments. What's your style like? :)


Ally said...

I know what you mean about being torn between vintage and more avant garde clothing, I am exactly the same. I have all these girly vintage dresses and brogues and chunky cardigans, then have millions of tailored shirts and multi-functional drapey items, it is so hard to reconcile. But it's good having variety, this way I don't get bored and can mix it up day to day.

Anonymous said...

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