Starry Eyes

I'm not a huge fan of Agyness Deyn but when she was with Albert Hammond Jr. I was infactuated with her style, because in my eyes Albert Hammond Jr. is the male version of Alexa Chung, he just always seems to be cool not matter where he is or what he is doing; and I think his style influenced Deyn and I somehow began noticing her style more. 


Sara Louise said...

Love how they share the same duffle coat! cute. I agree, Hammond has certainly influenced her style-for the better! love your blog btw :)

anchiru said...

love this couple so much, to bad their break up, agy is a icon for me and I always follow her style, I realize when she with albert ( amazing musician too ), her style change to more girl , sweet but still with her unique way, I believe with what you said is true, that albert influenced agy style, mean that agy really falling in love with him. thanz for post this :)