Fairy tales

Source: Bona Drag

I'm still on the hunt for those wide legged wool trousers, but in the mean while, I've currently drifted my mind off to my insufficient number of skirts. I've never really been a skirt wearing person, but recently, well a few years back I started to embrace the wonders and opportunities of wearing skirts. Ironically, one of my closest friends only wore skirts, anyway back to what I was saying, in the quest for finding a skirt to go with everything I was beginning to think no such skirt existed; and proof was of the fact my friend had so many skirts to compliment different looks. However, luckily enough I spotted this amazing wool-like skirt from Bona Drag, which looks a bit too short for my liking, but I love the simplicity and elegance of it! Now, where to find it on the high street. I also really like the dress worn in the first two images, for the same reasons I like the skirt, if only they could defy logic and reason, and end up in front of my door step.

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