A Short Break

Photographer: Vanessa Jackman

I'm off to university to begin my second year, I'm literally exhusted from packing. I've seen a few of my modules online and they seem quite daunting, but hopefully I survive and can continue blogging as soon as possible to you lovely people. I also have to say a huge thank-you to Elizabeth of thrills and frills for her really nice comment/post about my blog, it's moments like that, that make me feel proud of my amatuer blog. I've compiled a short list of what I've been immensely hooked to over the past few weeks:

- Ellie Goulding's cover of Wolves by Bon Iver.
- Karima Francis's cover of Use Somebody by Kings of Leon.
- Gray or Bule by Jaymay.
- The Kite Runner, a great novel by Khaled Hosseini.
- The Alchemist, another great fiction novel by Paulo Coelho.
- The Gilmore Girls, which I can proudly say I'm a part box set owner of.
- My Cos shoes...I still can't believe their mine.
- A really comfortable H&M mens scarf I have, I just love the colour and feel.
- My blog. :)

I recently purchased a cd player, yes they are surprisingly still on the market. I plan to go old school and use it rather than my unreliable iPod, so I've packed a cd case with some of my all time favourite albums that I couldn't/wouldn't be able to function without. It actually feels oddly more better actually using a cd to listen to the music rather than a dowloaded file, as you would do on an iPod. Where is the time going?? I'm off to double check packing.

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