Don't underestimate me

Source: J.Crew (l), Gap (c) and Alexa Chung (r)

I'm not one for wearing shirts, and I actually think it's rare to see young people wearing shirts, but the above Gap campaign, in the centre, and Alexa Chung, on the right, have really made me want to attempt the look. I also had to add the campaign image of Liya Kebede, one of my all time favourite models, for J.Crew. I think she looks amazing in the campaign and I would probably feel a huge urge to buy that blazer or at least find it, if I was in the store.

I don't know if it's age or just me changing, but I now get drawn to simplicity and the power of wearing less to create a statement rather than wearing more and I don't mean walking around semi-naked; more like when you see someone wearing something like a trench coat or a shirt, and your somehow unexplainably drawn to the look.

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