Margaret Howell a/w 09

I'm a fan of Margaret Howell's clothing lines just for her interesting interpretation of sophistication and casualness. Some people may view her work as blasé, but there is something to be said about blasé work that can manipulate one particular colour into creating a combination of highly respectable, clean cut looks that remain anchored to their roots of respectability, and it is in that essence of work that I view Howell's work as inspirational. I've yet to see the full women's a/w 2009 line, particularly since she predominately specialises in menswear. Though I hope it's equally as enviable as is that of her men's collection and her women's 07 line posted under the mens. Both the mens and women's wear spark a strong resemblance to the 1940s war period, her work echoes of British tradition particularly due to the garments, according to Marie Claire, being "brilliantly cut and crafted, these pieces have real staying power."

I also have to mention that her male model for the a/w 09 campaign, Yuri Pleskun, does an amazing job in visually selling the garments he wears, along with the help of the photographer, Venetia Scott. I particularly like the first image; there is something about his stature that intrigues me.

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