Ashley Olsen.

Photography: Mark Abrahams
Stylists: MC fashion team and Leslie Fremar

Ashley Olsen looking amazing for Marie Claire, I've yet to read the full interview but I really like the images. I've never seen the huge infatuation people have with the Olsen twins because I don't think their fashion style and editorials are always great, but I have to admit when they do look good, they look really good. For instance, the above images. The stylists and the photographer did a great job.

Edit: my favourite quote; "Mary-Kate and I don't think about fashion as these clean, beautiful objects. We just kind of wear it and live in it"—and make it their own.

Source: Marie Claire

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sassafras said...

ahhhh, i just found this, myself, and i think it's amazing. good job out of marie claire for a beautiful shoot -- that last image where ashley is framed by the door is to die for.