Yesterday night I got back from Nice and mid way through flight I was already beginning to get a cold, due to the dramatic change in temperature from around
40° c to 11° c! I instantly began drinking and eating anything hot. I woke up super early considering I had spent hours traveling and arrived home late at night. On another note, why are airports so frustrating! It takes the fun out of holidays. I'll definitely try and get round to posting some images of my holiday.

I've got quite a few blogs I need to catch up on, but I found images for the H&M a/w 09 campaign with Sasha Pivovarova, who I think looks adorable in the campaign. I also like the above images of Angela Lindvall for the a/w 09 H&M magazine. I particularly like everything she is wearing in the first image with the corset, the stripy jumper top looks comfy and I'm still craving to get a silk blouse.

I think I'm ready to fully embrace winter; with hot chocolate and comfy layered clothes, and how I always manage to get attached to wearing scarfs. I'm promising myself to buy one pair of comfy gloves and try my best not to lose them.

Source: Google and Fashion Gone Rogue

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