Finally, a post on all the simple things in life that make us feel wonderful.

The first and the last item you need in your wardrobe this spring/summer is a knit jumpsuit by Stella McCartney (or a good copy!), and then just style your look around it with hats, bags and if the sun shines, sunglasses; but the sunglasses and the sandals are more of a summer look. You could even wear brogues, penny loafers or ballet shoes with the jumpsuit for an everyday trendy look, or attempt layering with it.

I like the concept of wearing neutral colours and then having a bag, or wearing a pair of shoes that are bright and loud, hence the beautiful Whyred pink clutch bag: Olivia Palmero does this balancing act quite a lot with her looks, and it works perfectly in maintaing her formal essence but with the added fashionable/fun twist to it.

By the way, I won't be blogging that regularly but I'll make sure all my posts are inspirational! :)


Eveline said...

Nice to see a post again :)

María said...

What a great collage! I would wear every single thing.